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Water transfer

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Water Transfer

TLR Welding and Fabricating specializes in the manufacturing of Water Transfer equipment including Layflat Hose Trailers, Pump Trailers, Poly Pipe Trailers, Road Crossings and drive systems used to deploy and retrieve Layflat hose. All of our products are tested before they are delivered to each one of our customers. You can count on us for reliable Water Transfer Equipment. We also have multiple locations to service our customers. 

TLR Hose & Supply specializes in Water Transfer Products. We stand behind our products 100%. You can count on us to have quality Layflat hose with the best guaranteed warranty in the U.S.

LayFlat Hose


Available: 6"-16" Layflat Hose

·  Chemical and acidic resistant 

·  Durable adhesion

·  Extreme temperature resistant

·  Abrasion resistant

·  Multifunctional: Can be used for Frac Water, Chemical Fluid, Produced water and Acid Transfer

Water Transfer Products

We manufacture all types of Water Transfer Equipment and supply Layflat hose

  •  Trailers: Layflat Hose Trailers, Filter Pod Trailers, Pump Trailers, Manifold Trailers, Poly Pipe/Roll Out Trailers
  • Road crossings: Layover Road crossings, Low Pro Roadc rossings, Coffin Style Road crossings and Halfmoon Road crossings.
  • Drive Systems: Factory drive System, Raptor Wide Wheel System with Raptor Reel, Direct Drive System with Hexa Reel.